Hearing God’s Voice in the Letters of John

Forthcoming. This is a brief (50k words), popular-level commentary on the letters of John, with special attention to high theology and deep spirituality. The goal is to learn to discern the way God reveals himself in the words of the text. Drawing more on classic interpreters from farther back in Christian history than on modern exegetes, the commentary nevertheless follows carefully the way the words run. Think of it as theological interpretation of Scripture, but at the popular level.

I’m basing the exposition on my lectures from a course I taught twice at the Los Angeles Bible Training School. To that basic material, taught in a classroom but at the popular level, I’m adding some fantastic quotations selected from the history of interpretation (Augustine, Bede, Calvin– the ABCs! Plus Erasmus, some Puritans like Manton; William Burt Pope; Robert Smith Candlish; and a few select moderns).

The book is under contract, but I won’t say who the publisher is until they begin advertising the project.