A scene from the Benedictional of Æthelwold (963-984) depicting the Ascension of Christ

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Cars, Coffee, and Theology

A mobile conversation in 2020 with Jonathan Pennington about the biblical revelation of the Trinity, focusing on my book The Triune God

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Trinity

A wide-ranging 2021 conversation with Matthew Barrett about one of the chapters from his book Simply Trinity.

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To Be God is to Be HappyEnjoying Divine Blessedness

When Paul says, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us,” he uses the same word twice: blessed (Ephesians 1:3). A moment’s thought, however, shows that God blesses us altogether differently…

Review of Roger Olson’s Against Liberal TheologyA Nonconservative’s Plea to Those Leaving Conservative Churches

In the preface of Roger Olson’s new book, Against Liberal Theology, we meet a particular type of exvangelical all too familiar in this age of disillusionment and deconstruction. As Olson describes this tribe, “They grew up in…

Foreword to Reasoner’s Fundamental Wesleyan Systematic Theology, Volume 3

Victor Paul Reasoner of the Fundamental Wesleyan Society has published a three-volume systematic theology from the conservative Wesleyan perspective. Vic asked me to write a foreword for one of the volumes, and I was glad to…

Trinity and Salvation (Podcast)

Sam Fornecker of the Ridley Institute talks with me about the main ideas of my book, Fountain of Salvation. I think this conversation does a good job placing salvation under the trinitarian skylight that opens up…

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Fountain of SalvationTrinity and Soteriology

Fred Sanders

“In Fountain of Salvation, Fred Sanders offers a wonderful introduction to the Trinity as the object of Christian worship and as a belief inseparable from and indeed structuring the doctrine of salvation. He then leads us clearly, interestingly, and dependably through recent theological debates on this fundamental Christian belief, always showing us where (and where not) those debates really do enable Christians to grow in knowledge of the Triune life. Across Christian traditions Sanders’s argument should resonate and inspire.”

Lewis Ayres

Durham University

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