A scene from the Leben der heiligen Altväter (1482)


Trinity and Salvation (Podcast)

Sam Fornecker of the Ridley Institute talks with me about the main ideas of my book, Fountain of Salvation. I think this conversation does a good job placing salvation under the trinitarian skylight that opens up…

Father Son, & Spirit: Does it Matter?

An hour-long interview with the guys at the Laymen’s Lounge, who asked me in a variety of ways why the Trinity matters for Christians in ordinary life.

“Clouds Will Never go Behind the Moon”Discussing the Trinity

Here’s a conversation with Gary Wilkerson about how, as a Christian, you can know the Trinity without knowing you know the Trinity. Sounds confusing because it is; it’s much better to know that you know. View…

The Holy Spirit, the Trinity in Salvation, Retrieval

A conversation with Brandon Smith about the subjects I’ve been writing on lately.

Let the Mysteries of God Move You to Praise

A conversation on the incomprehensibility of God, especially as it relates to the Trinity. View it at Youtube, or click over to World Challenge’s site which has a good page that includes the video, an introduction,…

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Trinity

A wide-ranging 2021 conversation with Matthew Barrett about one of the chapters from his book Simply Trinity.

An Invitation to the Deeper Things of God

I’ve been a guest on Gary Wilkerson’s podcast several times; this was our first conversation.

Cars, Coffee, and Theology

A mobile conversation in 2020 with Jonathan Pennington about the biblical revelation of the Trinity, focusing on my book The Triune God

The Table PodcastUnderstanding the Trinity

A 2017 conversation about the Trinity with Darrel Bock at Dallas Theological Seminary

The Trinity and “The Shack”

In preparation for the release of the movie version of The Shack (2017), I did a live interview with Biola’s chapel program to explain what’s going on with its presentation of the Trinity.