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Chronology of William Burt Pope

Early Life and Education (1822-1842)

1822: Born 19 Feb, Horton, Nova Scotia

1823: Family moves to St. Vincent, West Indies (missionary assignment)

1826: Brother dies

1827: Family moves to Turnchapel, Plymouth

(village school and secondary school in Saltash, Cornwall)

1838: Works for uncle on Prince Edward Island. Studies languages.

1840: May: Accepted as candidate for ministry (Cornwall district synod). Enters Wesleyan Theological Institution at Hoxton, London. Age 18. Keeps journal for one year.

Pastorates (1842-1867. 25 years, from ages 20 to 45)

1842: First pastoral charge at age 20. Kingsbridge, Devon

1844: Minister in Liskeard

1845: Age 23, Marries Ann Eliza Lethbridge (They will have 9 children, 7 living into adulthood: three sons and four daughters). Minister in Jersey. Received into full connexion at Conference

1846: Minister at Sandhurst

1848: Minister at Dover

1851: Minister at Halifax

1852: Minister at London (City Road)

1855: Minister at Hull (Waltham Street)

1855-1858, translations of 9 volumes of Stier’s Words of the Lord Jesus

1858: Minister at Manchester (Oxford Road); Mission to German Methodists of Wurtemburg

1860: Becomes editor of London Quarterly Review

1861: Minister at Leeds

1864: Minister at Southport

1865: DD from Wesleyan University, USA

Tutor in Systematic Theology, Didsbury (1867-1886: 19 years, ages 45 to 64)

1867: Tutor in systematic theology at Didsbury

1871: Fernley Lecture on Person of Christ (basis of Person of Christ book)

1875: One-volume first edition of Compendium of Christian Theology. Also second edition of The Person of Christ: Dogmatic, Scriptural, Historical

1876: Delegate to Methodist Episcopal general conference, Baltimore. Prayers of St. Paul.

1877: Elected President of Wesleyan Methodist conference at Bristol. DD from Edinburgh. Serves as chairman of Manchester district until 1885.

1879: Three-volume Compendium of Christian Theology

1883: Higher Catechism of Theology

1885: Shows signs of needing more rest; struggles with depression

Retirement (1886-1903: 17 yrs, ages 64-81)

1886: Resigns position at Didsbury (age 64)

1890: I, II, and III John in The International Illustrated Commentary on the New Testament

1894: Ann dies

1903: Dies, 5 July (age 81)