A scene from the Leben der heiligen Altväter (1482)

Memoir of the Rev. John Hannah, D.D.in John Hannah, Introductory Lectures on the Study of Christian Theology: with Outlines of Lectures on the Doctrines of Christianity: to which is prefixed a memoir of the Rev. John Hannah, D.D., by W.B. Pope

London: Wesleyan Conference Office, 1872; second edition 1875

Pope edited for posthumous publication the lectures of John Hannah (1792-1867), his own theology tutor and also his predecessor in the chair at Didsbury. Pope’s introductory memoir is 70 pages long, and reveals much about what he learned from Hannah. As a constitutionally loyal thinker, Pope strongly desired to preserve what he had received from his local tradition.

A history of Methodist Theology, or of the Institution at Didsbury, might profitably compare the overall theological projects of Hannah and Pope. My interest in Hannah is more limited, but I do find that his 1860 inaugural lecture, and his 1836 letter to a young Methodist preparing for theological studies, are excellent points of comparison. They clearly show the regime under which Pope was educated (Pope was 14 when Hannah published this “letter”).

This work is listed as having been published in 1872, but I can only locate the 2nd edition, 1875.