A scene from the Leben der heiligen Altväter (1482)

“William Burt Pope, D.D.” in Methodist Worthies

Methodist Worthies: Characteristic Sketches of Methodist Preachers of the Several Denominations, etc. (London: Thomas C. Jack, 1885), III:434-447

A substantial biographical entry (14 pages) published during Pope’s lifetime. Stevenson provides a fuller account of Pope’s 20 years of church ministry than any other source.

There are a few loose statements that are hard to interpret in this piece. On p. 436, Stevenson says “In 1846, he began the earnest study of German theology, which some thought a dangerous pursuit for a young minister; in that year appeared his translation of the ” First Epistle of St. John ” by Haupt.” But this seems like an impossible publication date for that volume, which everyone else assigns to 1879, 33 years later. That paragraph ends without punctuation, in the ambiguous phrase that Pope published Haupt and then “closed his labours.”