A scene from The Canterbury Psalter (12th century)

Filioque According to Me

Jerome Van Kuiken of Okalahoma Wesleyan University presented a paper at ETS 2021 in November on “Wesleyans and the Filioque.” His survey featured some recent evangelical Wesleyan theological treatments of the doctrine, and considered my work under the general heading of being “fidgety about filioque.” I didn’t get to attend Jerome’s paper, but he sent me a copy. So, with his permission, I’m going to interact with it here. I’ll only be looking at the three pages Dr. Van Kuiken devoted to my work; the whole paper is eighteen pages long and builds toward a constructive proposal worth considering elsewhere. What I want to do here is just confirm that he’s read me correctly, reply to him on a few points, and generally take the opportunity to revise and extend my remarks on the filioque. I’ll follow the sequence of Van Kuiken’s paper and…

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Fred Sanders is a theologian who tried to specialize in the doctrine of the Trinity, but found that everything in Christian life and thought is connected to the triune God.

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