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LATC 2023 Registration

Oliver Crisp, Katya Covrett, and I got together and planned a swell theology conference on the doctrine of the church, and we’ve been trying to actually convene it for a couple of years now. Global events transpired, of course. But the Los Angeles Theology Conference is coming back, with a great set of speakers and our traditional LATC conference format: publisher exhibits on site, refreshments on hand, and ample time for conferring theologically. We’ve moved from January to March, and have spread into a third day, but otherwise the successful LATC format is unchanged.

The official LATC site is here; the Eventbrite registration page is open for ticket purchases here; and the detailed schedule is posted (drumroll please) right here:

Weds Mar 15:

7 pm, Plenary 1: Natalie Carnes, “Nature, Culture, Church: Reconsidering the Church-World Divide”

Thurs Mar 16:

9am, Plenary 2: Millard J. Erickson, “Ecclesiology in a Postmodern Age”

11am, Plenary 3: Tom Greggs, “Creatura Verbi: Hearing the Living Word through the Spirit in the Church”

[12:30 Lunch event hosted by Logia, for women theologians; registration TBA]

2pm, Parallel Sessions 1

Stephen T. Davis, Claremont McKenna College
Eric T. Yang, Santa Clara University
“God’s Story and the Sameness of the Church Over Time”

Kimberley Kroll, Grand Canyon University
“Holy Branches: A Constructive Model of the Spirit’s Presence in the Church”

Steven Duby, Phoenix Seminary
“‘Bond of Peace’: Ecclesial Unity as Participation in the Son and Spirit”

3:30, Parallel Sessions 2

Beau Branson, Brescia University
Jordan Wessling, Lindsey Wilson College
“The Church as a Singular, Persisting Institution”

Kimlyn J. Bender, George W. Truett Theological Seminary
“Confessing Christ, Confessing the Church”

Marguerite Kappelhoff, University of Divinity, Melbourne
“The Marks of the Church and the Triune God: ‘Seeking and Creating Fellowship’”

7:30pm, Plenary 4: Jennifer Powell McNutt, “Exilic Ecclesiology: Suffering and Apostolicity in Early Modern Reformed Theology”

Fri Mar 17:

9am, Plenary 5: Paul T. Nimmo, “The Sanctification of the Church: Contemplating the Progress of the People of God”

11am, Parallel Sessions 3
Joshua Cockayne, University of St. Andrews
D. T. Everhart, University of St. Andrews

“‘Members of One Another’: Towards a Kierkegaardian Ecclesiology”

Steven Nemes, North Phoenix Preparatory Academy
“The Community of the Apostles and the Spiritual Nature of Christian Unity”

Matt Jenson, Torrey Honors College, Biola University
“Either/Or: On the Necessary, But Maverick, Distinction between Church and World”

1:30 Parallel Sessions 4
Jonathan Hill, University of Exeter
“Communion of Saints: Knowledge and Love in Heaven and Earth”

Daniel L. Hill, Dallas Theological Seminary
“Bound Together in the Holy Fire: Purgation and the Unity and Holiness of the Church”

Alex Irving, St. Mellitus College, East Midlands
“The Body of Christ: A Soteriological Basis for the Theological Marks of the Church”

Adam Johnson, Torrey Honors College, Biola University
“The Cruciform Ministry of the Church: Refracting the Saving Work of Christ”

2:30pm, Plenary Panel Discussion

4pm, conference ends

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