A scene from the Leben der heiligen Altväter (1482)

First John

The Theology of First John

A 2014 Torrey lecture in which I explain First John’s particular theological emphases, its rhetorical strategy, and how it functions as a kind of interpretive capstone of God’s revelation.

I, II, and III Johnin The International Illustrated Commentary on the New Testament, by American and English Scholars of Various Evangelical Denominations, ed Philip Schaff

A rare instance –perhaps the only instance?– of Pope engaging Scripture in a traditional commentary format. Pope considered I John to be the crowning statement of biblical revelation, and here at the end of his career…

Erich Haupt, The First Epistle of St. John: A Contribution to Biblical Theology.Translated with an
introduction by W. B. Pope.

Pope provides a very long “Translator’s Preface,” running to 20 pages and giving his own view of the unique characteristics of First John. It is one of Pope’s fullest statements of his view of the letter’s…

Translator, J.H.A. Ebrard’s Biblical Commentary on the Epistles of St. Johnin continuation of the work of Olshausen