Spies in Canaan from 1440 Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves


Hilary of Poitiers’ On the Trinity

I commend the Latin pro-Nicene theologian Hilary of Poitiers. He wrote a long treatise On the Trinity which was the assigned text for a Patristics reading group (Ad Fontes at Holy Joys) that invited me to…

Disciples of the Trinity

Here is a 2021 talk I gave, with some Q & A at the end, about how the simplicity of discipleship and the depth of trinitarianism belong together. The talk was for a church group, from…

Junius on the Trinity

A series of video conversations about the trinitarian theology of Franciscus Junius (1545-1602), with Ryan M. Hurd, based on Ryan’s translation of Junius’ Disputation on the Father and the Son.

William Burt Pope (1822-1903): Primary and Secondary Creation

I wrote the chapter on William Burt Pope in this collection of essays on modern theologians and how they handled the doctrine of creation in light of science. It was great to be included among a…

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Trinity

A wide-ranging 2021 conversation with Matthew Barrett about one of the chapters from his book Simply Trinity.

We Need the Soul-Stirring of John Wesley

Is anybody listening to the voice of John Wesley anymore? Of course Wesley is still famous enough, with a name widely recognized more than two centuries after his death. He has fame, fans, and followers. There…

Permanent Self-Hallowing and the Processional Life of GodFrom a Symposium on Sonderegger's ST II

Katherine Sonderegger freely admits that in her Systematic Theology, Volume 2 she has written “an unfamiliar, perhaps odd book on the Holy Trinity” (p. xxix). It is also a masterpiece, a sustained virtuoso performance at the highest level of…

An Invitation to the Deeper Things of God

I’ve been a guest on Gary Wilkerson’s podcast several times; this was our first conversation.


I take book endorsement pretty seriously: not in the sense that I have to agree completely with everything in a book before I’ll recommend it, but in the sense that I want my endorsement to be…

Review of Harrower, God of All Comfort: A Trinitarian Response to the Horrors of this World

Working from the conviction that Christian theology has deep resources for those who have experienced trauma, this volume explores “how God the Trinity engages with horrors and trauma, and what people can hope for in light…

Review of Daley’s Leontius of Byzantium

This impressive volume provides the full text, in Greek with an English translation on facing pages, of six polemical works attributed to an accomplished sixth-century monastic theologian. It also includes much of the necessary textual arcana,…

Forever and Always the SonWhy We Treasure Eternal Generation

Good theology is an invitation to look deeper into the things we believe. When it comes to the most important doctrines, we have the advantage of a rich history of carefully crafted creeds and confessions to help us along the way. For example, we believe that God the Son is “eternally begotten, not made, without beginning, being of one essence with the Father.” What is eternal generation and how important is it?

“Sin Boldly”Luther's Great, Short Sentence

Review of Levy, Introducing Medieval Biblical Interpretation

This volume introduces the thought of key interpreters of Scripture from nearly a millennium of Western intellectual history. Though there is a brief opening overview of church fathers reaching back to Origen, Levy’s real tale picks…

Cars, Coffee, and Theology

A mobile conversation in 2020 with Jonathan Pennington about the biblical revelation of the Trinity, focusing on my book The Triune God

Whatever Happened to Jokes? The Comedy of the Situation

If I had to make a case on behalf of the sitcom, I would offer the following defense: As formats for humor go, the sitcom is the format that makes itself most at home in the…

Review of Lunn, The Theology of Sanctification and Resignation in Charles Wesley’s Hymns

Charles Wesley is a theologian to be reckoned with, and the handful of scholars who give him their serious attention find themselves rewarded in many ways. Nearly everything that seems at first to be a scholarly…

Phillip E. Johnson, Who Put Darwin on Trial, Dies at 79

An obituary at The Gospel Coalition for my friend Phillip Johnson