A scene from the Leben der heiligen Altväter (1482)


A Memoir of John Fernley, Esq., J.P., Late of Clairville, Southportreprinted from the Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine, with Corrections and Additions

Pope’s memorial pamphlet for John Fernley (1796-1873), a philanthropic Methodist layman. Fernley was a cotton manufacturer who retired from business in his forties. Among his other projects, he envisioned and endowed the Fernley lectures (in which…

The Peculiarities of Methodist DoctrineAn Address delivered in the open Session of the Irish Wesleyan-Methodist Conference, June 19th , 1873

This talk, published as a 22-page booklet, came at a crucial juncture in Pope’s development: when he was publishing his translation and commentary on Winer’s Comparative View, and was pondering very broadly how Methodism fit within…

Translation of Georg Benedikt Winer’s Comparative View of the Doctrines and Confessions of the Various Communities of Christendom

(placeholder) See a description of this work here. Just the charts from Winer’s book here; cleaned-up version of them here.

Memoir of the Rev. John Hannah, D.D.in John Hannah, Introductory Lectures on the Study of Christian Theology: with Outlines of Lectures on the Doctrines of Christianity: to which is prefixed a memoir of the Rev. John Hannah, D.D., by W.B. Pope

Pope edited for posthumous publication the lectures of John Hannah (1792-1867), his own theology tutor and also his predecessor in the chair at Didsbury. Pope’s introductory memoir is 70 pages long, and reveals much about what…

The Person of Christ: A Discourse (First Edition)Delivered at the Grosvenor-Street Chapel, Manchester, July 25th, 1871 in Connection with the Assembling of the Wesleyan-Methodist Conference, Being the Second Lecture on the Foundation of John Fernley, Esq, With the History of the Doctrine of Christ's Person, and Notes

Note: This first edition of Person of Christ was superseded a few years later by the second, enlarged edition (The Person of Christ: Dogmatic, Scriptural, Historical). For almost all purposes, that second edition is the one…

Discourses on the Kingdom and Reign of ChristDelivered in the Chapel of the Wesleyan Theological Institution at Didsbury

Pope had taken the late John Hannah’s chair as tutor at Didsbury College in 1867; this book was published 1869. 21 chapters, 395pp. In 1880, Pope published a “Third and Enlarged Edition” of these sermons under…

“O Spare Me”A Sermon for the New Year

PDF link below. Here is the text cleaned up for easier browser reading, with block quotes and section headings provided by me. “O spare me, that I may recover strength, before I go hence, and be…

“Inaugural Address” at Didsbury, 1867delivered in the College Chapel, Didsbury, on Friday, September 20th, 1867

Stevenson (Methodist Worthies) reports on the dramatic circumstances in which Pope delivered this address: The Rev. Dr. John Hannah, who had for many years been the Theological Tutor at the Didsbury Wesleyan College, died before the…

“The Presence of Christ in His Church”

“The Dawn”Romans 13:11ff, An Exposition for the New Year

“Afterward” (Matt 21:29,32): 1865-1866

The Abiding Word

An early sermon on I Peter 1:24-25 by William Burt Pope, published as a booklet. Robertson, in Methodist Worthies (p. 438), reports that it was “preached on behalf of the Wesleyan Foreign Missionary Society, in 1865,…

Love of the Commandment

A sermon preached to young men at Woodhouse Grove School.

Translator, J.H.A. Ebrard’s Biblical Commentary on the Epistles of St. Johnin continuation of the work of Olshausen

“The Holmfirth Flood”

R.W. Moss identifies this as Pope’s earliest publication. It is signed W.B.P., Halifax. It really is a ten-page account of a terrible flood.