A scene from the Leben der heiligen Altväter (1482)


The Doctrine of the Son: Trinitarian Christology for the Sake of the Gospel2024 Deere-Hester Lecture at Gateway Seminary

I was invited to give the 2024 Deere-Hester lecture at Gateway Seminary in Ontario, California. I’ve collaborated with Gateway faculty and friends on several projects over the years, and was honored to make the trip and…

Polar Opposite Misunderstandings of the Holy SpiritSub-personal or Hyper-personalized

A three-minute video about two ways of misunderstanding the Spirit’s personhood.

The Trinity & Salvation (Conference Video)

Here’s video of a 30-minute talk I gave at First Baptist Alcoa (Alcoa, TN) on February 12, 2022. The whole event was well planned by Cody Barnhart. One of the best things about it was getting…

“Clouds Will Never go Behind the Moon”Discussing the Trinity

Here’s a conversation with Gary Wilkerson about how, as a Christian, you can know the Trinity without knowing you know the Trinity. Sounds confusing because it is; it’s much better to know that you know. View…

Let the Mysteries of God Move You to Praise

A conversation on the incomprehensibility of God, especially as it relates to the Trinity. View it at Youtube, or click over to World Challenge’s site which has a good page that includes the video, an introduction,…

Hilary of Poitiers’ On the Trinity

I commend the Latin pro-Nicene theologian Hilary of Poitiers. He wrote a long treatise On the Trinity which was the assigned text for a Patristics reading group (Ad Fontes at Holy Joys) that invited me to…

Disciples of the Trinity

Here is a 2021 talk I gave, with some Q & A at the end, about how the simplicity of discipleship and the depth of trinitarianism belong together. The talk was for a church group, from…

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Trinity

A wide-ranging 2021 conversation with Matthew Barrett about one of the chapters from his book Simply Trinity.

An Invitation to the Deeper Things of God

I’ve been a guest on Gary Wilkerson’s podcast several times; this was our first conversation.

“Sin Boldly”Luther's Great, Short Sentence

Cars, Coffee, and Theology

A mobile conversation in 2020 with Jonathan Pennington about the biblical revelation of the Trinity, focusing on my book The Triune God

Problematic Views of God Christians Should Know About

Michael Horton and Fred Sanders discuss a growing trend to pull away from classical theism and move toward a more immanent view of God, seeing him as evolving throughout the course of history.

Seeing the Trinity in Scripture

a 2018 lecture at the Lanier Theological Library in Houston, TX. Heavily illustrated, well edited, and with the benefit of a responsive, live audience.

The Table PodcastUnderstanding the Trinity

A 2017 conversation about the Trinity with Darrel Bock at Dallas Theological Seminary

The Trinity and “The Shack”

In preparation for the release of the movie version of The Shack (2017), I did a live interview with Biola’s chapel program to explain what’s going on with its presentation of the Trinity.

Hearing VoicesThe Trinity in the Old Testament

This is a 2015 lecture for my students at the Torrey Honors College, introducing prosoponic exegesis and its implications for the doctrine of the Trinity.

The Theology of the Pastoral Epistles

A 2015 lecture exploring what is unique about I & II Timothy and Titus, especially focusing on how the theology leans into the ethics.

Does Doubt Belong in Christian Education?A Common Room conversation

Every couple of years, my colleague Dr. Janelle Aijian and I stage a little argument about the status of doubt as a phenomenon in the Christian life. Here’s one we filmed, with Matt Jenson participating as…